Oculus Quest

Greatest Show Expert+ Oculus Quest


DepDawg MR Beat Saber 'Origins' Expert Mode

Giving Mixed Reality (MR) a go and it's tedious. On the other hand, it's fun trying to figure it out. More to come.

DepDawg MR Beat Saber 'Balearic Pumping' 90° Expert+ Mode

I wanted to see what it would look like in video doing MR in 90°. If I can figure out how to connect my Quest 2 so I don't trip on the cord, then I will do one in 360° to see what that is like.

DepDawg Oculus Quest 2 MR 'Dionysus' BTS Expert+ FAIL

The new BTS pack is fantastic. Beat Saber posted that the creator wanted a dreamy landscape and I believe they nailed it.

Our goal is to raise enough investment capital to fulfill a dream to create a non-profit to help people re-tool. The first stage is to build property where we can try to help put a dent in the psychological safety that our veterans need.

As a caregiver, it has been a long and difficult journey of discovering what my EOD veteran needs. The only way I could begin to grasp what he was struggling with was by cracking myself open to work on my own trauma.

We have stumbled on a path through horses of understanding a different form of communication. We have learned that being able to listen to our horse to understand what he needs began with listening to ourselves first.

Never lie to a horse because the horse will call us out every time. Stay tuned. There will be more to come as this goal is developed to become a reality.

Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality has become the path that we are exploring to journey towards mindful communication and living.