Desiree is recognized by several as a fairy. She is full of hope, aspiration, enthusiasm, and motivation. She is the protagonist and the one that is striving to gain enough strength to control the others. At the same time, Desiree needs grounding.

She can experience extreme elation that can be difficult to control. She can fly to dangerous heights of unrealistic expectations. Her strengths are rising above extreme experiences that would break most into despair and hopelessness.

She is a happy-go-lucky personality that enjoys seeking ways to bring joy to people’s lives. Desiree embraces her femininity wholeheartedly while avoiding the social stigma of society’s definition of woman. She embraces the LGBTQ community with a deep love and adoration.

Deseree works hard at keeping Narcorrow at bay with reason and scientific based studies that explain to Narcorrow how she can be lacking in compassion and understanding.